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AC30-60™ High Capacity Scale

AC30-60 High Capacity Scale
AC30-60™ High Capacity Scale
AC30-60™ High Capacity Scale
AC30-60™ High Capacity Scale

  • Up to 80,000lb (40,000kg) Capacities
  • Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
  • Large, Easy-to-Read, LCD Display
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Auto Leveling, Auto Calibration Correction & Latitude/Altitude Correction
  • Standard D-Cell Batteries Last up to 300 Hours in Scales
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe Scales Available

Fully Integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology!

Intercomp's AC30-60™ Scale is the industry standard for high capacity platform weighing. These scales contain no outdated hydraulics or moving mechanical parts. The fully electronic load cells are certified for accuracy and repeatability by U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies and European Office of Legal Metrology. They have been tested to over 100,000 cycles for permanence and accuracy conformance over their lifetime.

Constructed from aerospace grade machined aluminum, the self-aligning platforms with a proprietary web bridge support provide the utmost in durability and are designed to last. When calibrated using Intercomp manual or auto calibration systems, these platform scales can be tested, corrected and verified in less than one hour, saving valuable time.

Meets current USAF Purchase Descriptions and are available via GSA Contract and National Stock Numbers.

Certified Intrinsically Safe Scales Available The Most Accurate and Reliable Means of Measurement


NTEP Certified Models Available

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RFX™ Wireless
Handheld Weighing Indicator
ACWeigh™ Software iACWeigh™
Easily process weight related data for monitoring and controlling loads in a compact, handheld device. Manage any weighing process, view scale data, customize layouts and generate reports in one, easy-to-use program.

Input weight data into an iPad® or  use the optional iACWeigh™ module for direct communication with a variety of scale systems.



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