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Indicators, Displays, Software & Apps

Control Box

Enables the on-board weighing system to communicate with various devices in real time with a clean, non-intrusive install.

HH520™ RFX™ Wireless Handheld

Control equipment functions from where it is most convenient

IntercompWIM™ Software

A must-have in Intercomp's enforcement product line. Automate the entire weighing process. Monitor actual weights and generate on-site tickets for enforcement purposes.

LD720™ LED Load/Unload RFX™ Wireless Indicator

Ideal Solution for Stationary TMR Mixers and Grinder Mixers

LED Display with Stop/Go Light

4.5” LED remote display is easy to see and features a built-in Red/Green Stop/Go light, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Remote Display

Intercomp's LED Displays are the affordable choice for high performance industrial applications.

LS20™ WIM Indicator

The LS20™ is a full-featured indicator ideal for any truck traffic application.

RD800™ LED Remote Display

Easily View Weights and Loading Progress

RFX™  Wireless Ag Scale Indicator

The AG Scale Indicator Processes the Weight Data & Transmits to the Handheld Controller via RFX™ Wireless Communication/Protocol

RFX™  Wireless Handheld Controller

RFX™ Wireless Handheld Remote Controls All Seed Tender Functions & Displays Weights—No Wasted Trips Walking Between Planter & Seed Tender

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