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CSA™ Automated Test Stand

High Capacity CSA Automatic Test Stand

  • Up to 100,000lb (50,000kg) Capacity
  • Accuracy of ±0.025% of Reading
  • Load Cell & Indicator are Traceable Directly to NIST
  • Fully Automatic, Hands-Free Operation
  • Displays Force Being Applied by Load Cell as well as Current Scale Readout Simultaneously
  • Verifies Tolerance of Results & Alerts User if Scale is Out of Spec
  • Results are Sent Directly to PC for Analysis & Result Storage
  • AC Power Operation (Requires 3-Phase)
Intercomp’s Automated Test Stands allow detailed testing for accuracy and offer the convenience and peace of mind of onsite instrument testing and verification.  Stands feature up to 8" (203mm) on 60,000lb (30,000kg) Models and 9" (229mm) on 100,000lb (50,000kg) Models Working Clearance between the surface area and load cell, while the overall surface area measures 45.5"x54.5" (1,156 x 1,384mm).  These systems have been purchased by various worldwide maintenance organizations for calibrating a variety of scales.
The calibration software communicates with Intercomp scales allowing closed loop control of the calibration points, auto adjustments and verification. The verification process is programmable, allowing the development and implementation of existing internal calibration processes. Reports and certificates are generated, saved and can be recalled at any time.  With an accuracy of up to ±0.025%, and capacities to 100,000lbs (50,000kg), the load cell and indicator provide the necessary accuracy to comply with the internationally recognized standard for accuracy and traceability.
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