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AX900™ Axle Scale Systems

AX900™ Axle Scale Systems
AX900™ Axle Scale Systems
AX900™ Axle Scale Systems
AX900™ Axle Scale Systems

  • 60,000lb (30,000kg) to 100,000lb (50,000kg) System Capacities
  • Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
  • NTEP Certified Models Available
  • Aluminum or Steel Construction
  • Digital Wireless & Analog Models
  • Modular Design to Configure for All Axle Types of Axle Groups


Highly Durable Weigh Bridges in a Variety of Lengths!

Rugged AX900™ weigh bridges are available in a variety of lengths, capacities and configurations to weigh anything from single to multi-axle vehicles in locations where permanent scale installations are not feasible. Cable-free operation is made possible by embedded radios enabling wireless communication back to a variety of devices, while digital output still allows for cable backup. The AX900™ series also utilizes stainless steel, hermetically sealed, shear beam load cells to weigh loads up to 100,000lbs (50,000kgs) with an accuracy of ±1%.  

RFX™ Wireless Digital Scales:  Cable-Free Digital Scales for Efficiency & Safety
Analog Scales:  Calibrate Scales with Most Industry Indicators
NTEP Certified Models Available
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Compatible with These Intercomp Devices:

HH60™ RFX Indicator HH400™ (IWH) Indicator PT20 CPU IntercompWeigh Software iVehicleWeigh App Converters, Printers & Displays



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