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Wheel/Axle Scales

AX900™ Axle Scale Systems

For high-volume weighing, in a variety of lengths, for trailer legs, dual- through tri- and spread-axles. Industry's lowest profile scale pad in an axle scale at just 3.6" (91mm), allowing for easy approach and accurate weighing.

SW™ Scale Systems

Highly portable and durable weigh pads that can be used to weigh anything from shipping containers to mobile homes, light commercial vehicles and enclosed trailers. The ideal system for many applications.

PT300DW™ Wheel Load Scales

Low-profile with integrated ramps simplifies on/off loading with a platform size large enough to accommodate dual tires. These sturdy weigh pads are ideal for municipal and county law enforcement agencies for weighing on a variety of road conditions

MS450™ Series Mining Scale Systems

Rugged, high-capacity weighing solution to increase on-site efficiency and safety, prevent premature wear on vehicles and tires, and help maximize payloads. Available in a variety of capacities and configurations.

PT300™ Wheel Load Scales

The industry benchmark and longest serving, fully electronic, portable wheel load scale. Individual scale capacities from 5,000 to 40,000lbs (2,500 to 20,000kgs) with a lightweight platform, so they can be used anywhere.

PT300DW™ Filling Scales

The PT300DW™ Filling Scale provides a heavy-duty, portable and affordable solution to gather trailer and payload weights when not attached to a semi-tractor.

LS630™ Portable Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion Scale

These portable weigh-in-motion scales provide the ability to bring screening and/or direct enforcement capabilities to areas not served by permanent weigh stations.

LP600™ Low-Profile Wheel Load Scales

These sturdy weigh pads are ideal for municipal and county law enforcement agencies for weighing on a variety of road conditions.

LP600-15T™ Low-Profile Wheel Load Scales

This highly portable system consists of two scales and extension levelers to keep axle groups on a level plane. Ideal for weighing heavy vehicles on a variety of road conditions.

LS-WIM Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scales

This in-ground, weigh-in-motion scale offers superior accuracy for high volume vehicle weighing. Ideal for tolling/weight enforcement applications, weigh stations, seaports and freight terminals.

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