AS2000™ Alignment System

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  • Record Camber and Toe
  • Automatically Calculate Caster
  • Detect Independent Wheel Angles
  • Calculate Thrust Angle

The AS2000™ alignment system from Intercomp provides the precision of laser guided measurements without the high cost or space requirements of a full size alignment rack. The AS2000™ features industrial grade components designed and manufactured in our Minneapolis plant that are durable and easily stored allowing for optimal bay usage. The AS2000™ is the ideal solution for shops that want to add profitable alignment service without sacrificing bay space and budget.


  • 4 – Digital Caster/ Camber Gauges with Integrated Lasers and Targets
  • 4 – Rim Clamps
  • 2 – Mechanical Turn Plates
  • 2 – Turn Plate Spacers
  • 1 – Tape Measure

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