All vehicles using public roads are required to comply with specific weight limits. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could include axle, axle group or gross vehicle weights. The driver can also use this information to ensure their load is properly placed and distributed from a safety standpoint.

Intercomp Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) scales promote efficient operation in high-traffic areas, such as a facility gate, because stopping inbound or outbound vehicles is not required to register a weight. As an alternative, portable and semi-portable axle scales allow a transportation operator to check vehicle axle and gross weights in various weather conditions, weigh surfaces and locations, including remote locations.

In-Ground WIM Scales

Capture vehicle weight dynamically at a permanent facility:
  • Small installation and operational footprint compared to full-length truck scale
  • 1-2% dynamic accuracy up to 6 mph (10 km/h)
  • Static Accuracy ±0.1%
  • Available components combine into standalone system
  • Integration into existing gate systems
  • Capture individual axle and total vehicle weight
  • Available in capacities up to 100,000 lb (45,000 kg)
Intercomp’s in-ground WIM system tracks and displays individual axle weights in addition to gross vehicle weight (GVW). With a full-length truck scale, this data is hard to collect. The smaller weighbridge of the WIM system also requires less effort and time to install and maintain.

Common applications include businesses that receive aggregate and other bulk material, distribution hubs and terminals, and agricultural facilities.

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Portable WIM Scales

Portable WIM Scales can operate in dynamic or static mode:
  • System includes two scales, roll-up ramps and indicator
  • Deployable by two people in less than 15 minutes
  • Capture individual axle and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
  • 2-3% dynamic accuracy, ±0.5% static accuracy
  • Push-button conversion to static mode
  • RFX Wireless Weighing with cable backup
  • 60,000 lb (30,000 kg) individual axle capacity
Portable WIM is a hybrid system that brings together both our experience in WIM technology and our long history of developing innovative portable truck scales.

Common applications include railroad terminals, aftermarket vehicle outfitters and temporary aggregate sites.

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Portable Static Scales

Weigh a variety of vehicles in many environments:
  • Easily transported and stored
  • Weigh light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucks and equipment
  • Determine vehicle weight distribution left/right & front/back
  • NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) Class IIII certified part numbers available
  • RFX Wireless Weighing compatible
  • Accuracy ±1%
  • Solar recharging
  • Integrated, backlit LCD indicators with totalizing capability
  • Interface with remote indicator or PC with IntercompWeigh software
Portable axle scales are the basis from which other scales developed. Intercomp’s PT300™ was one of the first all-digital, portable truck scales. Further refinement of the original concept lead to other products that make it possible to accurately weigh large vehicles in a variety of environments, including remote locations. 

Common Applications include long-haul trucking operators, agriculture and aftermarket vehicle outfitters.

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LP788™ Low-Profile Wheel Load Scales

Semi-Portable Axle Scales

Higher throughput using similarly configured vehicles:
  • Use as stand-alone system or integrate with existing scale hardware
  • NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) Class IIII-certified part numbers available
  • Signal outputs include analog, digital and wireless
  • RFX™ Wireless Weighing models available
  • Aluminum or steel construction
  • Highly customizable, including deck length, cable or RFX™ wireless deck link, and various indicators/outputs
  • Above-ground scales with option to install in pit with proper drainage
  • Weather sealed for prolonged outdoor use
  • Direct or battery-powered options
Axle scales simplify the process of weighing an entire axle group – adjacent axles within 10 feet of one another. Customizable lengths accommodate most standard axle configurations, while weather-sealed construction allow these scales to be deployed in most conditions for an extended period of time. The low profile-design simplifies scale approach while also allowing for pit installations.

Common Applications include businesses that require frequent weighing of the same, or similarly configured, vehicle, facilities lacking the space to install a full-length truck scale and monitoring the fill status of a trailer for collecting and disposing of manufacturing waste.

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