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RFX Wireless Weighing
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  • Converter Provides Direct Communication with Lockheed Martin AWBS
  • Calculate C.G., Save, Review, Export & Email Weighing Records
  • Converter Powered from Direct 110/220V or Charged to Provide up to 15 Hours of Continuous Use

Another industry partnership with seamless wireless interface between Intercomp scales and the AWBS application by Lockheed Martin for Windows™ based computers and tablets. The Intercomp RFX-WiFi converter allows the user to capture weights directly from Intercomp scales into the AWBS Form B Worksheet. This allows complete integration from the aircraft weighing back to AWBS on the desktop and subsequently to the AWBS Centralized Server. The user can complete Form B during the weighing process without having to manually transcribe weight readings from the scale. This direct interface reduces manual errors and further automates the weighing process.

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