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Wheel/Axle Scale Applications for Commercial Vehicle Weighing

Weight has an important role in transportation, and there are many reasons why commercial trucks need to be weighed. One of the most important reasons is safety- if a truck is overloaded, it is a danger to the operator and to other drivers on the road. Another reason is profitability, as unknown weights can cost a company thousands of dollars in overweight fines, excessive vehicle maintenance costs, and inventory disruptions. When considering scales for over the road transportation, there are many factors that must be carefully examined such as location, vehicle throughput, space constraints, data collection and, of course, budget.

Intercomp manufactures dynamic and static scales to weigh trucks, and other commercial vehicles, used in a variety of industries including transportation, logistics, construction, energy, aggregates and custom vehicle modification. This wide range of portable and fixed scales and systems helps customers maintain compliance with legal weight restrictions, optimize payload to improve efficiency and safety, and save operating costs by tracking inbound and outbound shipments.

Weighing Systems for
Freight Terminals

Verify declared weights and identify improperly loaded or overloaded, cargo and shipping containers for Ports, Railroad Terminals, and Trucking Terminals.