Portable Truck Scales
heavy duty portable filling scale
Filling a trailer with bulk items, like scrap metal, requires continuous monitoring. Once the weight of a trailer and its contents hit a pre-determined value, that particular trailer is ready to be hauled away. Continuous weight monitoring not only maximizes the waste disposal process due to fewer disposal runs, but can simultaneously confirm axle weight and gross vehicle weight (GVW) compliance. 

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Semi-Portable Axle Scales
Axle Weigh Scale Pads
Axle scales allow for maximum customization to accommodate various vehicles. These semi-portable scales are designed for prolonged deployment in a variety of locations, and the low-profile design of this scale makes it possible to permanently install in a properly-drained scale pit.

Higher throughput using similarly configured vehicles:
  • Can be installed into pit with proper drainage
  • Integrate into existing scale systems
  • NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) Class IIII-certified part numbers available
  • Signal outputs include RFX Wireless, digital and analog
  • Highly customizable
  • Weather sealed for prolonged outdoor use
  • Aluminum or steel construction

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Portable Static Scales
Portable Wheel Weigh Pads Portable Wheel Weigh Pads Portable Wheel Weigh Pads

Portable axle scales are