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Application Note: LS630-WIM™ Helps Utility Company Stay Compliant

June, 18, 2018

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A large Southwestern U.S. utility company needed a scale system to obtain individual axle/wheel and Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) when outfitting new vehicles and trailers with equipment like generators and tool bodies. An on-site truck scale was available, but could not measure individual axle weights, opening the door for possible axle-overload issues and DOT axle weight compliance citations. The scale was also not easily accessible, making it difficult to maneuver larger vehicles on and off.

All commercial vehicles traveling on public roads must comply with state and federal DOT weight regulations. When attempting to comply with these regulations, vehicle operators must have the ability to obtain weights for each axle, as this is how law enforcement tests axle weight and GVW compliance.

Aside from the need to obtain individual axle/wheel weights for establishing proper GVW rating classifications, the utility company had other requirements to develop a complete solution for weight compliance. The utility company identified the need for portability, a minimal operating footprint, ease of setup, and the ability to assign a VIN to each weight record and save or print information with a time and date stamp.

Intercomp’s LS630-WIM™ Weigh-In-Motion system, with PT20™WIM CPU and LED Wireless Display, was proposed for its ability to weigh a variety of vehicles axle-by-axle in a highly portable package. The system accommodates any single-lane width vehicle, regardless of axle configurations, including oversize length vehicles up to 36 axles.

“This customer expressed a need to easily verify individual axle/wheel and GVW for proper axle and gross load distribution, from both a compliance and safety standpoint,” said Intercomp Applications Engineer Chris Zins.“The vehicle preparation group now utilizes the LS630-WIM™ scale system to verify empty and laden axle/wheel and gross weights before newly-outfitted vehicles are placed into field service.”

Intercomp’s LS630-WIM™ allows the utility company to maximize each vehicle’s carrying capacity and decrease axle overloading with proper equipment placement, while also ensuring weight compliance.
Additionally, weight records are linked with each VIN for improved longterm vehicle record keeping.

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