Wheel Load Scales

When using wheel load scales, including the PT300™, PT300DW™ and LP600™, Intercomp recommends that an axle group, axles within 10 feet (3 meters), be on the same plane. This means all axles in a group, including dual, triple and spread axles, should be at the same level as the axle on the pad, either supported by another scale pad or a solid object.

System Benefits:
  • Portable, Cost-Effective Method to Weigh Vehicles
  • Axle Weights Easily Obtained
  • Accurate Weights on Multiple Surfaces
How To:
  1. Stop Vehicle and place scale pads just ahead of wheels to weigh
  2. Drive up onto pads and stop before driving over pads
  3. Read weights on scale display or RFX™ Wireless Weighing indicator
Static Wheel Load w/ Levelers
Portable levelers/ramps allow collection of axle weights and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) using only two scale pads. The levelers/ramps keep various axle groups on a level plane when crossing the scales.

System Benefits:
  • Levelers/Ramps Allow for More Accurate Weights When
  • Using only Two Scale Pads
  • More Efficient Throughput with Drive-On/
  • Drive-Off Capability
  • Ideal for Mobile Check Weighing Operations
How To:
  1. Place scale pads, one on each side of vehicle, to accommodate vehicle width
  2. Install drive-on and drive-off ramps
  3. Drive vehicle on to scale, stopping on each axle
  4. Collect weight data for each axle & accumulate to determine GVW
Dynamic Axle Scales
Collects accurate axle weights and computes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) while a vehicle remains in motion. Levelers/ramps keep axle group on a level plane when crossing scale pads.

System Benefits:
  • Smaller Footprint than Full-Length Truck Scales
  • Axle, GVW and Side Weights Easily Collected
  • In-Ground and Portable Options Available
  • Saves on Additional Fuel Being Burned by Vehicle Idling While in Line
How To:
  1. Deploy portable pads, levelers and indicator for portable system; or activate in-ground system
  2. Approach scale at required speed and continue over scale system at a constant speed
  3. Axle weights collected in real time as vehicle passes over pads
  4. Access or save automatically accumulated GVW and individual axle weight data
Static Axle Weighbridges
Semi-portable axle weighbridge modules can be utilized to measure single axles or obtain axle group weights. Modules can be matched to accommodate virtually any axle group configuration.

System Benefits:
  • Semi-Portable Design Minimizes Space Needed for Weighing
  • More Efficient Throughput with Drive-On/Drive-Off Capability
  • Possible to Integrate with Existing Scale Indicators
How To:
  1. Place scale pads, one on each side of vehicle, to accommodate vehicle width
  2. Drive vehicle on to scale, stopping on each axle or axle group
  3. Collect weight data for each axle/axle group or accumulate for GVW

Leveling Ramp Considerations
When using wheel load or axle scales, Intercomp recommends axle groups, all axles within 10 feet (3 meters), are on level plane with scale pad. In other words, even those axles not on a scale, must be at the same height as those on the scale. Intercomp Roll- Up Ramps/Levelers allow for accurate weighing while being easy to transport and store.
  • Standard Semi-Truck configuration consists of three axle groups:
  • Semi-Tractor Steer Axle, Semi-Tractor Dual Axle & Semi-Trailer Dual Axle
  • When scales are deployed, consider variables like space needed for
  • Below are examples of how scales should, and should not, be set up
In-Ground Scale Installation

Key Factors to Consider When Planning a Site

  1. Length of Vehicles to be Weighed
  2. Speed of Vehicles to be Weighed
  3. Roadway Approach Distance (Vehicle Length plus Approach Speed Length)
  4. Roadway Departure Distance (Vehicle Length plus Recovery Speed Length)

LS-WIM Axle Scale Approach & Departure

Pavement Surface Conditions for Installation

LS-WIM Scale Level

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