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View Features of Intercomp Aircraft Platform Scale Carts

March 15, 2019

View Features of Intercomp Aircraft Platform Scale Carts photo
Intercomp’s industry-leading aviation products provide weight and balance operations with unmatched quality in certified platform scales. Offering the low-profile AC15-LP™, AC40-LP™, AC60-LP™ platforms alongside the AC30-60™, the video shows Intercomp's storage and transportation carts, which are available for these scales and scale system accessories.
The scale carts are an integral part of how Intercomp platform scales can be transported, deployed, stored, and maintained in top condition to save owners time and money for weighing operations over the long lifetime of the fully-electronic scales.

  • Store Entire Weighing Kit in One Location
  • Compact, Easily Transportable Design
  • Scales, Ramps, Spacers, Stops, and Accessories
  • Protect all Kit Items from the Elements
  • Safely Transport and Deploy Scales in Multiple Locations

For more information on Intercomp’s Aircraft Scale Systems, click here or call 1-800-328-3336.