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Application Note: Quik Rack Makes Easy Work of At-Track Scaling

March 29, 2019

Application Note: Quik Rack Makes Easy Work of At-Track Scaling photo
Intercomp’s Quik Rack is the highly portable, modular scale rack that makes leveling and corner balancing a racecar possible at nearly any location. A few minutes of assembly will transform the Quik Rack’s ultra-dense foam components into a roll-on scale rack, with enough clearance to make chassis adjustments while scaling.

Corner balancing a racecar is an essential part of the chassis set-up process, giving insight to handling issues, finding hidden crash damage and returning chassis settings to a consistent ‘baseline’ setup before each on-track session. Many high-quality scale racks are constructed of aluminum, but Intercomp’s Quik Rack provides an economical, lightweight and easy-to-transport alternative.

Intercomp still offers our 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Scale Rack, but the Quik Rack provides a lightweight, cost-effective alternative that simplifies scale rack transportation to the racetrack. Designed for use with Intercomp’s Scale Pad Levelers, the system produces accurate measurements on paved or firm dirt surfaces. Levelers are included with the rack, creating a plug-and-play addition for any 2.5-inch (64 mm) tall scale pad. The rack is also available without levelers for racers who already own Intercomp Levelers.

This lightweight, modular foam system is strong enough to handle most racecars with a maximum weight rating of 6,000 lb (2,800 kg). The rack can accommodate cars with a wheelbase from 84 to 110 inches (2,133 to 2,794 mm), and a track width between 49.5 and 64 inches (1,257 and 1,625 mm). By adjusting the interlocking, modular pieces, the user can adjust and secure the rack before a car is pushed on. A textured exoskeleton keeps the rack in place during use while protecting its foam core. The addition of down ramps, sold separately, makes the system ideal for technical inspection where weighing of several cars is required.

Increased portability allows Quik Rack users to deploy the rack and scale at any racetrack, while the modular design makes the system easy to transport. With an aluminum rack, extra care is needed when loading and securing the large, single-piece pontoon cross-members. However, the Quik Rack breaks down into several manageable components, allowing it to be easily stowed in a trailer or tow vehicle.

Intercomp’s Quik Rack provides an economical, high-quality option to enhance chassis tuning capabilities at the racetrack. A racer can efficiently diagnose and fix handling issues using the consistent, 
easy-to-gather weight data.