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Application Note: Viva Aerobus Weighs Narrowbody Aircraft Using AC40-LP™ Scales

July 30, 2019

Application Note: Viva Aerobus Weighs Narrowbody Aircraft Using AC40-LP™ Scales photo
When an airline expands, it can create a need to bring weight and balance maintenance procedures in house. Viva Aerobus has increased the number of aircraft it operates, making it necessary to select scales, software, and training for weighing their fleet. With an expanding fleet of Airbus A320 and future A321 aircraft, the airline looked to purchase scales with the assurance of prior experience weighing Airbus aircraft.

When evaluating scales to purchase for our own, we looked for scale manufacturers with proven experience in the industry.  Operating our fleet of Airbus aircraft led us to evaluate and select scales used by the airframe manufacturer themselves.  – Viva Aerobus Maintenance

Multiple Airbus airframe production sites around the world use Intercomp scales for weighing during manufacturing, including the narrowbody facility in Mobile, Alabama.  That successful history of satisfactory use by the airframe manufacturer, along with the features of fully-electronic platform scales, led Viva Aerobus to select AC40-LP™ low-profile platform scales.

Although tooling and maintenance managers are familiar with requirements for electrical equipment that is used in hangars, those new to weighing may not realize that those same requirements also apply to aircraft scales.  The AC40-LP™ platform scales are intrinsically safe certified as required by US and international regulations, so the airline selected scales that meet safety regulations wherever the scales are deployed within the hangar.

For the commissioning of the scales, Intercomp conducted weight and balance training for airline personnel, including ACWeigh™ software which is used to conduct the weighments and process the records for their fleet. This completed the integration of weighing equipment, software, and weight and balance skillsets that Viva Aerobus uses to maintain their aircraft.

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