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Application Note: MN State Patrol Uses LS630-WIM™ for Portable Screening Operations

August 29, 2019

Application Note: MN State Patrol Uses LS630-WIM™ for Portable Screening Operations photo
The Minnesota State Highway Patrol schedule “saturations,” where equipment is set up at a rest stop adjacent to the interstate or highway to conduct commercial vehicle inspections. This can identify vehicles that may be bypassing fixed inspection sites, and gives 4-6 hours of operation before vehicle traffic decreases at the temporary location. The challenge is to have portable equipment that can process vehicles more quickly in these temporary sites.

We deploy portable Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) scales for weight enforcement screening during the saturations. Wireless communication to our IntercompWIM™ software allows the operator to quickly identify if overweight axle or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) conditions exist, requiring diversion to additional static weighing for ticketing. – MN State Patrol

Stored in the back of a patrol SUV, the portable WIM system is set up in about 10 minutes, allowing scales for weight enforcement screening to be rapidly deployed and operated in locations where the temporary inspection sites are created. The weighing process is completed in 15-20 seconds, allowing officials to visually inspect the vehicle condition, permits, and registration at the same time as the weighing. Compliant vehicles are quickly sent on their way, while others with identified issues are diverted for further action. 

Consisting of two scales and roll up ramps, the LS630-WIM™ Portable Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion System wirelessly communicates from the scales via a USB radio to a laptop.  IntercompWIM™ software captures the axle and gross weights, and applies weight thresholds to easily identify overweight conditions specific to the vehicle class. Though the LS630-WIM™ scales are NTEP certified for weight enforcement when in static mode, the MN State patrol uses the WIM capability for rapid screening, employing portable static scales for weighing only when an overweight vehicle is identified.

Portable WIM scales allow for temporary sites to be set up wherever enforcement efforts are needed, and increase efficiency and throughput of screening vehicles for weight violations. This is an efficient process saving time for both the vehicle operators as well as enforcement officials.