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Application Note: Tractor Setup with PT300DW™ Wheel Load Scales

March 14, 2018

Application Note: Tractor Setup with PT300DW™ Wheel Load Scales photo

The proper setup of the weight ballast and tire pressure of tractors provides maximum floatation and reduced compaction, increasing yields while saving on tire wear and fuel consumption. With the size and power of today’s tractors, coupled with numerous implement combinations, correct weight ballast is critical. Up to 33% of horsepower can be lost from improper inflation and ballast.

Farmers who are purchasing new tires, or fine-tuning their current configuration, need an effective way to avoid unnecessary tire wear, horsepower loss or wheel hop associated with improper inflation and ballast. When adding weight to equipment prior to working in the field, ballast is often an educated guess, resulting in unknown front-to-rear weight distribution.

Intercomp’s PT300DW™ portable wheel load scales provide a practical and cost-effective solution to obtain individual wheel weights and percentages on large agricultural equipment.

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