Screening for vehicle and cargo weights allows for identification of unloaded, loaded, and overloaded vehicles.  When integrated into existing processes, dynamic weighbridges with Weigh-In-Motion technology allows for rapid processing of vehicles without stoppage and delays.


Port Dynamic Weighbridge in Central America 

Strip sensors for ports and gates incorporate strain gauge technology:
  • WIM Site Installation Employs Eight Sensors, Loop & Electronics
  • Weigh Vehicles & Cargo without Stopping
  • Integrate Sensors into Existing Automated Process
  • Couple Sensors with Gate Arms, RFID & Camera Technology
  • Installation does not Require Pits or Drains
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Stable readings with environmental fluctuations of temperature
  • Minimally invasive in-ground installation
  • Maintenance free operation

LSWIM (Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion) strain gauge technology is also incorporated into axle scales for low speed applications :
  • WIM site installation employs single axle scale, loop, and electronics
  • High degree of accuracy at low speeds
  • Stable readings with environmental fluctuations of temperature
  • Small Scale Footprint vs. Static Scales
  • Durable Platform Construction
  • Simplified Maintenance

Intercomp scales and sensors are also used in data collection, Screening for Enforcement, tolling (ETC), ports of entry or departure and bridge and pavement protection.

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