Wheel & Axle
RV Weighing 
LS630-WIM™: Helping
Utilities Stay Compliant 
Tracking Inventory
LS630-WIM™ Promotes
Safe Rail Transport
LP600™/ LP600-15T™/
LS630-WIM™ Heavy Haul 
Maximize Safety &
Compliance with LS-WIM
Level vs. Non-level Axle Groups
Affect Scale Accuray
ITS/ Enforcement
LS-WIM: Compact
Truck Scale Alternative
LS-WIM: Port Application
Portable Scales:
A Novel Use
Solutions for Shippers
Strip Sensors:
Efficient Pre-Selection
Strip Sensors:
Pre-Selection, Oregon
Strips Sensors:
Data Collection, Washington
Strips Sensors:
Port of Thessoloniki, Greece
Strips Sensors: Border Crossing
Tolling & Screening
Strips Sensors:
WIM Site COST 323
Strips Sensors: Overweight
Identification on Toll Roads
Portable LS630-WIM™ Scales
for Screening and Enforcement
Strip Sensors: Oregon
Green Light Program
Weighing Widebody Aircraft
Intrinsically Safe
Aircraft Scales
Weighing Loaded
& Unloaded Aircraft
Tension Link:
Engine Sling
Tension Link:
Aircraft Recovery
AC15-LP™: Weighing of Rotary
Wing Aircraft: CH-47 Chinook
AC40-LPDW™: Weighing
An Evolving Global Hawk
European Air Transport
AC40-LP™ Platform Weighing
of Narrowbody Aircraft
AC40-LP™ Platform Weighing
of Narrowbody Aircraft
Racing/ Auto
AS2000™ Application Note
Coil-Over Application Note
Hub Scale Application Note
Microflex™ Application Note
Quik Weigh Land Speed Truck 
Valve Spring Testers
Application Note
Quik Rack for At-Track Scaling
Application Note
Decoding Shock Science
Application Note
LSWIM: Grain Inventory
PT300™: Tractor Weighing
Material Handling
Tension Link:
Oil Field Application
Tension Link:
Stage Rigging 
Weighing Bulk Materials
for Shipping
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